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Growing The Garden Of BE
Garden of BE Media Workshop now airing on Akaku Maui Community Television
Artist, Tess Cartwright, and film producer, Alberto Rojas, explain the process of filming the six live stage performances of BE at the historic Iao Theater
October 16, 2012

Dear Friends - We finally have the air times and dates for the Akaku, Maui Community Television, Media Workshop that was filmed last May at the Akaku Studios in Kahului, Maui. Some would say, 'All things come to those who paitently wait'.  I am thankful that I now may offer you the opportunity to view our workshop on Akaku Channel 52.  The show is approximately 1 hour in length.  The Title number is 11843, Program Name is Garden of BE - Akaku Workshop and it will air at the following dates and times:

Oct. 19th - 7:14 PM

Oct. 28th - 7:41 AM

Nov. 01st - 9:54 PM

Nov.  07th - 8:00 AM



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