BE, ME, WE, BEMEWE: Movement and Progress for The Better



Our philosophy spotlights transformation and growth for the better.  It puts forth the concept that there are universal messages within the English alphabetic symbols B, E, M, and W. When these letters are combined as the words BE, ME, and WE or BEMEWE the powers of the symbols are released.

BEMEWE celebrates the idea that the Eternal I AM is both ME and WE. ME and WE are ONE. The individual and the community are separate and yet ONE, thus mirroring the I AM. When ME and WE are in balance, they are BEMEWE, releasing energy for growth and movement for the better.  Keep in mind that the ME comes before the WELike the classic illustration of individual links within a chain, each ME within the WE must be strong or the WE will break when under stress.

Bud Burrid is the bouncing bird you find below and throughout our site.  He and his friends are tiny examples of the BEMEWE creative energy released. Like the magic genie called forth from the lamp to bring our dreams into the physical world, Bud has been unlocked from an ordinary plastic jug to dance and sing, 'Oh, I'm as happy as can be because I have two wings on me.' Tess Cartwright and Bud made the very same wish at the very same time, that is how she was able to hear his call for help and release him from the jug.  Their wish is to bring more safety and joy to our world.   You can help that wish come true!


 Read: 'Bud's True Story'



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