B, E, M, W = BE, ME, WE = BEMEWE ( 4 Symbols = 3 Words = 1 Word)

Tess' journey into origins of BE, ME and WE symbolism began in 1993 as she wrote her joyous musical, The Garden of BE.  It excited her to see how the letters in the words reflected each other and noted all three of these meaningful two letter words ended with 'E'.  Human thoughts and feelings are still largly communicated through body language, dance, vocal and musical sounds with graphic symbolism emerging relatively new on the scene. No one knows who created the first images to communicate thoughts. Perhaps an individual sat in loose dirt or sand to play with the marks they made on the soft surface. This person may have feared what others would think of them playing with the lines they made and the visions the lines suggested to them. They may have gone to a secret place to practice making more shapes and to dream of what these shapes might mean. The images that may be examples of these first symbols representing human thought are preserved hidden from light on rocks in caves. They seem to depict our connection with the creatures that gave us power, our energy source, our food. In time these early artists shared their images and the stories the images represented. This band of thinkers came into the light to reveal their discoveries to their larger community. Those who practiced the use of images to communicate dreams, hopes and fears became social and spiritual leaders.

The images represented herein are examples of ancient alphabetic characters from the Viking period. They are called Runes. Runes are the ancestors of our modern English alphabetic script. Compare the similarities and differences between the modern alphabetic images B, E, M and W and their ancestors. The Rune image for M stands for 'Joy and Domestic Bliss'.  The Rune for W stands for 'The Self, Man, Woman, Social Awareness'.  See how the Rune image for the W is the Rune image for M reflecting itself.


Those who created the Runes may be telling us that Social Awareness is 'Joy reflecting Joy'. The Rune for the letter B stands for Growth and New Beginnings. The Rune for the letter E stands for Movement and Progress for the Better, thus the word BE stands for growth and new beginning, movement, progress for the better. The word ME represents joy, domestic bliss, movement, progress for the better. The word WE is the self, man, woman and social awareness with movement, progress for the better. These three two letter words have great importance in our modern text. That is why Tess joined them to create the new word, BEMEWE, as she authored the The Garden of BE


Bud's new life and the Garden of BE are pieces of a magical puzzle adventure. The pieces gathered with the help of Maui OnStage at the Iao Theater, 68 N. Market Street, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii and the filming of all six performances at the theater which opened the 2011/2012 theater season. The first screening of the movie edited from vidios of the live performances took place at the theater Saturday, January 14th, 2012.   

The Plan is to continue growing the Garden on Maui and beyond.

Thank you for BEing here!




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