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  • BEMEWE Philosophy BEMEWE - Art, Music, Sculptured Reclaimed Plastics

    Bring more joy to the world through creative thinking, music, song, dance and laughter. Philosophy. Sculpture discarded plastic containers into art and toys.

  • Bud's True Story
    Bud Burrid is flying around the world to help people be more happy and safe

    Story and instructions illustrating how to make a puppet from a discarded plastic jug. Art from recycled household plastic containers. Creative use of plastic trash. Messages of Joy and Rebirth through creative art, music, song and dance.

  • Make A Bud Burrid
    Bud Burrid & Tess' Craft Book

    How to create loving creatures from ordinary Household Plastic Containers. Tess Cartwright and Bud Burrid continue their journey into the unknown. On their way they meet an endless variety of friends who they release from Ordinary Household Plastic Containers. Some people call it recycling.

  • Tess & Bud's Wish
    Bud Burrid is flying around the world to help people be more happy and safe

    Tess and Bud Burrid made the very same wish at the very same time, that is how she was able to release him from a plastic jug to dance and sing. Their mission is to protect and bring more joy to the world.

  • Origin of BEMEWE
    Magic of BE ME WE. B E M W Early symbols

    The letters M, W, B and E form three little words english words with big meaning, BE ME and WE. Connecting the B, M, and W with the E to form one word, BEMEWE, send a powerful message to move mankind forward for the better.

  • A New Peace Symbol
    Connecting the Well Known Peace Symbol with It's Equal Opposite.

    A New Peace Symbol That Will Connect The Heavens With the Earth and Bring More Joy To Mankind. Connecting The Well Known Peace Symbol of the 1960s with It's Equal Opposite to Bring the Heavens and The Earth Together for the Betterment of Mankind.

  • Garden of BE The Film
    The Garden of BE Video On Demand at Akaku Maui Community Television

    The Garden of BE joyous musical fantasy video On Demand from the Akaku Maui Community TV website Ours is the path to sing, dance and laugh and to live with the Light that IS! Transcend, Transform and Transmit, if you don't want to be lost in space where you won't be found without a trace....we are all her children great and small, on can't stand while the other fall!

  • Balancing ME & WE
    Balancing The ME and WE to Create BEMEWE

    Balancing the individual with the community takes focus. Learn how to BEMEWE. Being alone feels good. Connecting with others also feels good. Every person has a ME and a WE part. When these two parts are balanced within the individual they are BEMEWE

  • Tess' Blog
    Garden of BE: Be Me We: The Garden of BE, the musical, and Transformed Plastic Art

    The Garden of BE, BE, ME, WE, BEMEWE, Love, Beauty, Joy, Happiness, Dance, Song, Music, Transcend, Transform, Transmit, Red, Yellow, Blue, Rainbow Hues. Recycling Art, Tess Cartwright and Bud Burrid

  • YouTube
    The Great Conduit and The Transisters, Transcend, Transform and Transmit

    The Garden of BE, a joyous musical fantasy for all ages is emerging out of the unknown into the Earthly realm through Large and Little Yellow's dream, Transcend, Transform and Transmit.

  • MEWE Handshake

    M is for ME, W is for WE. Put ME together with WE and BE MEWE. The alphabet symbols B, E, M and W reflect each other in four directions. Man, Woman, Mankind, Rebirth, Movement for the Better are reflected in BEMEWE. E is a connector between the B, M and W. E represents movement and progress for the better.

  • Maui TV News Review

    The Garden of BE Paul Janes-Brown Review Children's Joyous Musical Fantasy

  • Opening Pics
    World Opening of The Garden of BE

    The Garden of BE joyous musical fantasy World Opening at the historic Iao Theater, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

  • Wrap-Up Party Pics
    The Garden of BE Celebration October 02, 1011

    The Garden of BE, Singing, Dancing, Laughing, Transcend, Transform, Transmit, Live,Love, Laugh

  • Create a Puppet Reclaimed materials art instructions

  • MEWE Gallery

    • More Gallery
      Plastic Jug Breaks Through the Bound Barrier

      Aircraft have long been able to break the sound barrier, now ordinary plastic containers broken the bound barrier and are released into bring joy to the world of mankind.

  • Links
    Supporters of Tess Cartwright, Bud Burrid and The Garden of BE

    Tess Cartwright is the wife and business partner to Robert J. Cartwright. Together they own and operate Whalers Ralty Inc. and Whalers Realty Management Co. Inc. Tess is also an artist and writer. Her joyful musical fantasy, The Garden is at the historic Iao Theater, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii.

  • Contact Tess
    Contact Tess Cartwright

    Tess Cartwright is the creator of The Garden of Be, a joyous musical fantasy for people of all ages. She is also well known on Maui as an artist who sculptures discarded plastic containers 'The Recycling Lady' because of her work. She is also the co-owner of Whalers Realty Inc. with husband, Robert Cartwright.



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