Make Your Own MEWE Creations!

Akkkkkkk.................... help me, I am locked in this jug....


Soak an empty one gallon Minute Maid Orange Juice jug in a sink full of water until the label is easy to remove. This may take a day or two, as you will need to soak both sides of the jug. Peel the label off and wash the bottle inside and out. When the jug has dried, draw the lines that will guide you in freeing Screatch from the walls of the jug. Copy the lines as shown in the illustrations carefully and you will be able to cut free Screatch from the jug.

With the handel of the jug turned away from you, use your marking pencil to copy the lines that are shown in the illustration. These lines form Screatche's beak, eyes, and feet as shown here.

Next, turn the jug so the handle is to your left and copy the lines shown below. Then do the same with the jug handle to your right.

Next, copy the lines around the handle and at the bottom of the jug. Now you can see Screatch more clearly...

All that's left is to cut the lines and let Screatch stretch her wings!

Remember, if you have a printer, you can print these instructions out to make it easier to follow them.  
Take you time. You can be proud of your accomplishment when Screatch is unlocked from the jug. The puppet you release will be your special creation unlike any others in the entire world.  


When you have finished cutting all the lines you have drawn, unfold the jug and push Screatch's tail through the opening you made with your Exacto knife below her neck (the handel). This will form her belly and tail. The piece between her wings below her lower beak is to be pushed up through the handel of the jug (her throat). Once through this opening, you will see how it becomes her tongue. Screatch is now complete!

 Every plastic jug you save from the rubbish will help people be more happy and safe!

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