Make Your Own MEWE Creations!

Berry says, "I love people of all ages!"
  Your Berry Big will look something like this, although, like humans, no two Berrys are exactly the same. The Berry you make will be a close relative to the Berry you see here.  
  To release Berry from his jug, draw on the jug following the illustrations shown to the right and left. The areas that are shaded in black are the parts that will be trimmed away using your shears. Compare your jug with the picture. Draw your lines carefully to match the pictured lines and you will have fun. Draw all the lines carefully, then cut along the black lines to remove the areas shaded in black and free Barry from the jug.




Use the Exacto knife to cut the round nostrils on Berry's beak and cut along the lines that form his eyes and eye lids.

Then, cut the opening just below Berry's neck shown in the picture to the right. You will pull his tail through this opening to form both his belly and tail.

  Next, fold the jug open and bend Berry's ears and eye lids up. Using a little pressure, shape Berry's beak and lower lip together.  

Color your Berry with making pens. You can give him spots or stripes if you like. Use all the colors you wish.


Every plastic jug you save from the rubbish will help people be more happy and safe!

Ready to help Bud find another friend?

Screatch                              Pinkie



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