Make Your Own MEWE Creations!

Meet Pinkie!
  Start with a clean 1 gallon pink Minuite Maid juice jug. Use a marking pen or pencil to draw the pattern shown in these examples.  
  All of the areas filled in black will be cut away. Then you will fold Pinkie's nose tip into the nose slot, his tail through the tail slot, and the button through his button hole.  
  Draw these lines as shown. Notice the tail slot. You will cut an opening along this line so you can push Pinkie's tail through from the other side and out the back.  
  Now that you've drawn Pinkie, you need to cut out all the black areas so he can stretch out and wiggle his ears. Make sure you cut all the black lines!  
  Once you cut along the eye lines and ear lines, he will really start to smile. At this point you can also push the tip of Pinkie's nose through the nose slot as shown in the illustration.  
  Now that my tail is free, push it through the tail slot (figure 5) from the inside out my back side. Then you can push the button on my left side through the button hole on my right.  

Now I can fly around the world with Bud, helping people be more happy and more safe.


Every plastic jug you save from the rubbish will help people be more happy and safe!

Ready to help Bud find another friend?

Berry Big                      Screatch



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