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    Plastic Jug Breaks Through the Bound Barrier

    Aircraft have long been able to break the sound barrier, now ordinary plastic containers broken the bound barrier and are released into bring joy to the world of mankind.

Bud's Story

This is Bud's True Story. It is a story of rebirth, a never ending story that you are a part of.

My new life began in 1994.

In my last life I was a bottle like this one.

In my last life I had a job. I was useful, I was happy.

Please SAVE me!

Please save me!

I cried all night.

But no one heard my calls.

I listened to a bird singing...

I allowed my emptiness to fill me.

...And something magical happened.

Tess Heard My Call for Help!


Tess prepared me for my new life.

Then she planned for my release.

Next she set to work.

Tess worked carefully.

Tess patiently worked.

My insides had never been out before!

It Tickled!

Then Tess did my Make-up.

I was almost ready...

Free at Last!

I even sang a song!

Love has set me free.

Tess and I played together...

It sure feels good to have my insides out.

That's how I was reborn.

Have you guessed my wish?

Tess and I share a wish.

You can help too!

Thanks for Visiting Me-We.



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