Make Your Own MeWe Creations!

Get Ready...

Releasing Bud's friends takes effort and you can feel good about your accomplishment when you are finished.

Young children and some adults will need help drawing and cutting.

You may want to print out these instructions to make following them easier.

Take your time and you will have fun.

You will need:

  1. An empty, clean 1 Gallon Minute Maid juice jug or other plastic jug.
  2. China Marker, Colored Pencil or other tool for marking on the jug. Most craft stores carry markers that will draw on plastic, and erase off if you want to change your line.
  3. Exacto Knife for cutting small opeings. Be very careful with this sharp tool!
  4. Craft Shears or Garden Prunning Shears for trimming away unwanted areas of the jug. These tools can cut plastic jugs open, and can cut you too. Be Very Careful when cutting with shears.
  5. Colored permanent markers. Use the kind that say they are nontoxic.

For detail instructions on how to release the characters depicted below, click on the character.

Screatch Berry Big Pinkie         

 Will you help me and my friends fly all around the world
to help people be more happy and more safe?!



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