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Growing The Garden Of BE
The Garden of BE First Press Release
Garden of BE Cast Members Join Director, Steven Dascoulias, Choreographer, Alexander Cardinalli and Author Tess Cartwright to draw BE into the material world.
July 29, 2011

 ************** FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE***************

“The Garden of BE” is a place that exists in the silent place where its author, Tess Cartwright, believes we all come from. Tess’ mission as the playwright is ‘To protect and bring more joy to the world.’

This is a world where everything is alive from rocks to birds, a belching volcano and even colors. Each entity in Cartwright’s fantasy world is symbolic of a larger idea. Its simplicity and beauty allow children to enjoy the tale while parents and guardians can enjoy its moral and universal message of peace.

The dominant society in “The Garden of BE” are the Reds and the Blues representing male and female respectively. Like an ugly duckling Little Yellow (Noah Magbual) is an outcast with no connection to his world until he encounters a Large Yellow (Genie Calagna) a wanderer with a broader outlook on life and a plan to bring joy.

The production is a mix of puppetry and live action with fantastical costumes and a lavish set constructed of recycled materials. The original musical for people of all ages is reminiscent of the creations of the late Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss. This 100% Maui musical features an original score by Joe DeRose and a local ensemble cast of all ages including Alana Koa, Bailey Keller, Caleb Rhodes, Dale Button, Hadley Garcia, Hana Valle, Hannah Patrick, Jason Wulf, Jennifer Andrade, Joseph Duncan, Julie Kawamura, Kainoa Reponte, KD Churchill, Kirsten Gilchrist, Laura Bloom Farber, Lee Garrow, Nahir Slepicki, Rayna Koishikawa, Salvator Lagattuta, Sarah Loney, Sharleen Lagattuta, Sylver Ebiriekwe, Taylor Trout and Tazu Arian.

“The Garden of BE” is directed by Steven Dascoulias with original choreography by Alexander Cardinalli.

Opening September 23rd, 2011 to October 2nd. 7:30 Performances on Fridays and Saturdays, Sunday matinee 3:00 PM at the Historic Iao Theater, 68 North Market Street, Wailuku. Tickets $40/$22/$15 & $10 for children 12 and under.

For more information please contact Maui OnStage at 242-6969 or visit

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