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Large and Little Yellow dream the Great Conduit and the Transisters, Transcend, Transform and Transmit
January 12, 2012

Please View Our New YouTube Video Little and Large Yellow share a colorful dream that connects them to the source. The Great Conduit and the Transisters; Transcend, Transform and Transmit teach,  "We are all her children great and small, one can't stand while the others fall, so if you don't want to be lost in space where you won't be found without a trace, Transcend, take to flight, close your eyes to see the Light, Transform, give up fear and lock out blame, this is how to play the game, Transmit, don't be afraid, it is your own life you will save!" BE at The Garden of BE the movie musical screening!


Where and When:  The historic Iao Theater, 68 N. Market Street, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii, Saturday, January 14th, 6:30PM


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