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Growing The Garden Of BE
The Garden of BE Development Team Meetings
Talented Maui Residents Are Brain Storming to Make The Garden of BE all that it IS!
August 11, 2011

 The Iao Theater's Snack Bar doubles as a meeting room for planning events at the theater. Last night strange sounds echoed from the small room as Steven Dascoulias, the Director for the Garden of BE, met with the show's Choreographer, Alexander Cardinalli, Costume Designer, Marsha Kelly, Set Designer, Caro Walker, Assistant Director, Roma Carlisle, Stage Manager, Michael Pull and Author Tess Cartwright met to explore their plans to develop the show into all that it IS.  You see, the Garden of  BE is no ordinary adventure, with talking stones, rocks and pebbles objecting to a strange looking bird sitting on them, a burping volcano, magic bags, dancing colors and symbols.  

It's not easy, but it's all good.  

From the heart,  Tess

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