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Garden of BE Ambassador Finds Friends In Paul Janes-Brown Sculpture Garden
November 20, 2011

Tess Cartwright enjoyed lunch with Paul Janes-Brown at Honu Lahaina Grill on November 15.  The Lahaina restaurant donated a portion of the proceeds for the day to support the building of a new Maui Hospice Center in Wailuku. Janes-Brown and Cartwright discussed their mutual interests to promote the health and wellbeing of Maui residents and the world. Both are active in non-profit activities on the Valley Isle. Cartwright presented Janes-Brown with one of her goodwill ambassadors from the Garden of BE.  The little fellow was sculptured from a reclaimed plastic Paul Mitchelle hair care bottle.   Janes-Brown received the gift with delight and has placed it in the company of other Maui artists in the sculpture garden he has on display in the living room of his home.  Photo pictured below depicts Darrell's poi Dog Madonna, Shige Yamada's donation to Growing Dreams, Julie Peterson's Rock Garden, Paul, Kevin Omura's first piece that was shown at the Hui, Aiyumi Ditamore's Angel and Jennifer Owen's Homage to Saturo Abe and Paul Mitchell by Tess:

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