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RAM's Got Talent Winners
Winner: Bob Wills, 2nd Place: Kit Okazaki, 3rd Place & Audience Favorite: Ron Wilson
February 27, 2013

 We are happy to announce the Big Winners of the RAM's Got Talent Show:  Winner, Bob Wills, sang an opera selection for baritone from II Trovatore by Verde, Second Place Winner, Kit Okazaki, played James Brown's Pass the Peas on Sax with house band Fred's Garage and Third Place + Audience Favorite Award went to Hula and Mexican Folkloric Dance, Ron Wilson!  

Congratulations to all!  

And the biggest winners of all are the audience and sponsors who helped us raise over $12,000. net!  

RAM Scholorship Fund:  $9,000 + Maui OnStage at the Iao Theater: $3,000!

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