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Tess and Bud at ART OF TRASH
Artist Tess Cartwright and her faithful friend, Bud Burrid, give their book 'Recycle With Bud Burrid' to visitors at the 2012 ART OF TRASH exhibit
May 05, 2012

Tess and Bud had a wonderful afternoon Friday, May 4th, 2-6PM dancing and telling their story of rebirth to visitors at the 2012 Art of Trash exhibit at the Maui Mall.   Each year Maui artists are invited to put their minds to work creating all manner of art from materials that may otherwise wind up in the landfill.  The exhibit ends Saturday, May 12th, so if you are on Maui, you still have time to see what Maui artists are creating with these materials!  

Tess and Bud gave copies of their book, Recycle with Bud Burrid, to exhibit visitors.  This little how to save a plastic bleach jug from the trash is also featured under  Tess & Bud's True Story on Mewe-Creations.Com. Tess' artwork sculptured from discarded plastics titled, Remember Nature, was chosen for exhibit at the show.

Remember Nature is pictured below with the photo of Bud Burrid with his books.


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