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Will A New Peace Symbol Help Bring More Peace On Earth?
Tess Cartwright and Bud Burrid have designed a New Peace Symbol
February 16, 2012

The current state of international affairs is frightening to say the least. Human volcanoes explode killing innocent victims around the globe. Is peace on Earth an impossible dream? Perhaps, but if war and the suffering that it brings is reality, dreaming may be a better choice. So it is that Bud Burrid and I slept with the world famous symbol created by the 1960s protestors as an icon for peace on Earth. Their image depicted a rocket ship pointed upward within a circle. Turning this image around it resembles a tree with branches reaching for the sky or a human figure with arms raised in surrender.  Our New Peace Symbol connects the 1960s Peace Symbol with it's equal opposite. See our design below.  Your thoughts please. 

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